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Ways You Could End Up A Failure In PPC

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PPC would not be something you would be able to predict. Conscious as we are, it would not always end up exact.But there are ways you can end up a failure with a PPC account, and there happen to be 5 of them.

Avoiding Perspective:

An account that would have an average CPC of around $.20 would be very different from the one at $10.00. While you know this for a concept, it would very easy to lose perspective when managing accounts should you be switching between each.

Of course, you may not go up the bids for a $.20 average CPC account to $10.00 on an accident. However you could raise it $.30. And should you not have intentions in trying to put up cost/cost per ad and keyword conversion by half its total percentage, you will be shocked upon your next Adwords login.

Over –optimization:

We may experience a bad week or two, plus gone into accounts furiously and starting to fix them. The thought process would be right but it could end upover-optimization. This would be continuously making pulls on levers within the PPC account (the bids, ads and keywords) until the results begin to climb back up. At times, it may feel that you have to be doing things everyday until one is back at goal. But typically this would entail a lot. You need to spend time analyzing what is occurring and coming up with around 2-3 things that will enable a major impact.

Centering Your Attention on Either Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow:

Following the lines of over-optimization, one more way to make sure you would fail at CPC would be looking at a small window in the comparison of results to goals. Having a focus on what has happened in the past, or what is happening today, as well as spiking results tomorrow would get you in a cycle that is vicious.

Such a cycle will cost more time, stress as well as long-term results. You should instead inspect longer time lines and have an understanding that at times you would need to sacrifice results tomorrow to implement better structure, strategy plus results in the following weeks.

Put In The Wrong Goals:

CPA and CPL would be regarded as major metrics for PPC. However these would not always be referred to as the ideal metrics. This is since you could have good CPA but are driving inappropriate sales (low profit margin/revenue). Or just the CPL would be included in the goal, but on the side of sales, none of the leads would make it a bonafide sales appointment. Such goals could center more on value per visit, or the cost of PPC via sales.

Meanwhile, if you have an idea where you would like to go too, and consult accurate keyword tools for the information you need, there is no bid cause for worry, long as you don’t go overboard. With KeywordSpy, you are provided the basic metrics for a domain’s keyword such as CPC and volume, plus specialized metrics as the ROI and the Days Seen so that you could gauge how profitable each keyword is and how it could have an impact on your own campaigns as well. Always do everything with calculated modulation, and you can end up doing things very well.

Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy. His expert knowledge on Internet Marketing practices and techniques has earned him the title “Internet Marketing Guru”. He is also an innovator, investor and entrepreneur widely recognized by the top players in the industry.

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Optimizing News for Searchers, New Publishers and Search Engines

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While content would appear to be central to the publishers’ value proposition, you may mention that distribution would be a close second. Prior to the Internet, consumers either claimed the news from a newspaper, magazines or a TV broadcast (word of mouth, but for our purposes, we will abide by the media versions).

Such media channels would be essential push distribution vehicles that show at scale a produced plus edited unit—which is the news—for mass consumption. Even if consumers would like to engage in many news sources, it would be hard to usurp five newspapers daily or view three separate broadcasts in simultaneous fashion.

Such a paradigm shifted dramatically through the Internet’s advent, now that readers could easily digest snippets of many news from a lot of sources with few clicks of the mouse. You may scan the front pages of many newspapers, or simply scan the headlines on a news aggregation site in just a few seconds to acquire a large feel of what occurs in the world. To add, should there be a large story in the day. You may peruse dozens of articles on this subject for different tidbits and angles.

With such a paradigm shift, news distribution would go into a pull mechanism wherein consumers would be in great control of the news they consume and how they are consumed.

News discovery has gone beyond the things you have to watch, as consumers could make a request on information regarding some subjects, and they would appear on the computer screen. Search is very crucial for this stage, and in data analysis, some things come up.

Search Optimization for News – Search Engines and News Sites

Having to keep up on the search optimization for news would be daunting for news publishers and marketers. With news business ending up as dynamic, it would be difficult to keep up with news stories, along with the optimization of search campaigns for capitalization on breaking news at a notice.

SEM and SEO professionals from the organizations are on a quest to come up with evergreen architecture plus techniques to make the most of using the exposure with the occurrence of events.  Though this is an issue with news search, there would also be a disregarded area one should dedicate time to as well.

1) Would this be how searchers locate news for search engines, and it would vary from the way news is located on news websites?

2) Would there be anything one could pick up from this that would allow prioritizing marketing efforts?

News-related searching has made a ballooning over a few years, for both search engines and news sites, but how people do the search on the various sites and the searches they undertake differs a lot.

For research purposes, search engines would have a definition as the big 5 web searches, which are Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL and Ask. In the meantime, news site search would include the six biggest sites based on search totals, which are Yahoo-ABC News Network, Google News, Bing News, NYTimes.com, CNN.com and MSNBC.com.

By February 2012, US searches had done 371 million related searches for search engines, which had been defined by comScore’s intent categorization methods, accounting for 2.3% of the search engines searches performed in the month.

However, searches done for non-search engine news sites would outdistance search engines news search, making a total of 581 million searches for February. Though search engines have a part in the news discovery scheme, the news providers and aggregators would still be leaders.

To be precise behaviorally, it shows that news data consumers would be likely to proceed directly to a news specific search engine than they would be to run news searches for search engines themselves. The vertical nature of such sites shows to resonate with searches, as the searchers of news have less interest for extraneous results for news searches that could get on broader search engines.

News Search Behavior is a Reflection of Search context:

Through a review of actual terms news searchers employ for different types of search sites, we may locate a distinct difference for searchers intent. Search engine news searches are centered on a certain news destination.

Within the top 25 search terms that bring in traffic to News/Information sites in February, half are pertaining to particular news destinations, including CNN, Fox News, TMZ and MSNBC. Searchers would like to be taken to particular news specific destination for news consumption.

News site searchers, meanwhile, put focus on the content they have interest in as they are already at the news destination of intent. The search term list that has been acquired from the new site search would not be cluttered with branded news destinations, they would just be stories as well as topics of interest.

Celebrity name searching is a noted favorite, which is included in the Top 25 list. Should the data be any indication, it would be very clear why Paparazzi would follow celebrities everywhere. US consumers would have a field day reading about them.

Utilizing Search Intelligence for Long Term News brand Loyalty:

With a basis on the intelligence available, there are chances for news publishers, as well as marketers, to have a better allocation of advertising resources driving better click through rates as well as engagement.

When searchers remain on search engines, they put a heavy focus on locating a branded news destination initially, before they begin to search for a specific news story. So any type that may be carried out for better branding of the news destination site could drive a greater long term value for the search engine searchers. This will be not to say optimizing news stories to be seen on search engines would be valuable. Rather, the behavioral inference on which they rely heavily for branded news destination search terms could have an impact on more marketing efforts.

News searchers would place a news destination to begin with, then search for particular news stories upon coming to the news sites. Being that the branded destinations would serve as key to how searchers would navigate from search engines, you would need to allocate marketing resources in order across the search, display plus video. You would not just have to be the destination for stories of the moment, but on a daily basis.

Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy. His expert knowledge on Internet Marketing practices and techniques has earned him the title “Internet Marketing Guru”. He is also an innovator, investor and entrepreneur widely recognized by the top players in the industry.

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Creating Links That Will Have Video Content

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You have already performed it. You now have the hottest video over the net. And you make sure that the video will sell itself. While it appears that a couple of pieces of great content would be able to go on without much,  if any marketing to aids it, you would not be the kind of person who would like to carry out chances with premium content. You have made a couple of beautiful, HD quality video content that would be begging to be shared and you would like to give the christening to fit it.

Benefits: When Google does a crawling of the site, they would be looking for a lot of indicators, which would include page quality, relevance plus keyword instances. Multimedia objects would give value to all three of the metrics. Videos would also bring up a user’s Time on Page, which is a significant indicator of the page quality which appears to be more significant daily. Not to mention, individuals would be likely to link the content if it has multimedia content.

E-commerce sites should also give serious consideration for putting videos for other locations including product pages. Apart from the added stickiness and quality placed on product pages, they also aid you in standing out for the SERP by adding a video thumbnail.

Give the visitors a resource for getting more information on the headline they had been linked to—provide them with more reasons for link to the video. You should tell a story regarding how the video was made or simply make a summary of the contents of the video. You should make a consideration of a linking to other, related videos to keep the user who would like to be engaged as much as he can. You will have to make the page the authority for the topic at hand and a rich linkable resource that people are to reference for the future.

1) Put An Awesome Edge:

When Google makes a page crawl, it would be locating signals for the indication that the content would have a relation to a given query. A page that has H1 title plus an embed code would not send Google the message that the page would be filled with awesome and related content. To be Frank, Google would not be able to decipher  the video at all, so why not give a sending of better algorithmic signals to Google through surrounding the awesome video with just as awesome images plus text. This will also allow you an opportunity for targeting keywords afterwards.

You would need visitors a resource to get more information for the headline they had been linked to—give them more reasons for linking to the video. Inform how the video was made or summarize the video contents. You should consider linking to other and related videos to keep the user who desires more to be engaged as one can. You have to establish your page as an authority on the topic, as well as a rich linkable resource that people will take to in the future.

2) Where you will place it:

Because of the massive ubiquity, astonishing multiplier effects plus the unabashed favorability directed at the video outlet, a lot of people have though about hosting Youtube videos. Should you have gone the path, you should checkout guides for tips on how to ensure that you will still get great link juice from YT videos. There would be paid services that may host the video on servers while to Google, it would appear as though the video were on the domain.

3) Give a full transcript:

One way so that you could get more content on a page that has video would be to give a full text transcript. You may either utilize a program, or have an actual human being see the video and type iot out through hand. We can also transcribe videos as well. This will also aid users that may not be able to hear the video for whatever reason.

4) The Title, Meta Description and File Name:

You would like to ensure to get more content on the page with video would have a strong, catchy and viral title that may have keywords but not at the expense of the title itself. Take out all of the skills you have acquired writing incredible blog post titles and make applications to the videos. You need to be aware that individuals also have the tendency to put the word after video at the end of the searches. A bit of research on keywords on some target keywords plus the word video would not hurt when you try to make a proper title. Carrying out research before anything else would aid you in targeting high traffic keywords for both the title and meta description. Should you think of hosting the video through Youtube or some other video hosting service, put in the desired tags as well.

You should treat the description of the video in the same manner one would have a meta description. Utilize keywords but you should not over do it. Put in a paragraph that would convince one that the video is relevant and something you could watch. Keep in mind that the terms would show up in bold on the SERP if the Googler would utilize the same terms located in the Meta Description.

Together with images, the video file should have a keyword rich file name that has hyphens in the place of spaces.

5) Put in a Schema for the Video:

Right now, it would be a bit unclear on how Google would select schema data for video. The protocol would be there, however Google would not seem to get any of it into consideration as of now. It may not hurt to future proof the site through deploying the basics of recommendations of video objects at a fast time.

6) Make A Video Sitemap:

As the collection of videos would continue coming up, it is of the essence that Google be able to index and crawl everything. This may be assured via making a video sitemap. Like a normal sitemap,  the video flavor would just point to the URL of each video while adding properties including duration, family friendly, etc.

A video sitemap would not just plant solid the inclusion in the Google index, they would also aid Google in getting the video thumbnail to be used on the SERP page, which in turn should aid in the clickthrough numbers.

Other Technical things to consider – While it would be a great temptation, you should steer clear of iframes as Google would not crawl them. If needed, utilize a HTML5 video player though the utilization of a flash video as a fallback. No one would want a video starting to blare audio when a site is entered. You need to allow users more control over the experience and ear drums through autoplay. Lastly, if you have given users choices between HD and standard video quality, you need to ensure to set default play setting to HD. Users would not even know they have the option for upgrading so give them the best if you can.

7) Make a Brainstorming for Understanding Your Audience:

A piece of marketing content would just be as valuable as the amount of the exposure, attention, as well as links that it would ultimately command. You should spend some time with brainstorming a list of the people and publications who show interest in the video so that all hard work would not be for waste. You need to acquire the services of the smartest people you could locate into a room, and put out a list of tangible targets. Having an understanding of the audience and what could appeal to key influencers would benefit the whole outreach campaign.

8)  Establish this as being sharable:

The implementation of the social media icons on the page in question should go without saying.

9) Make it embeddable:

Should you be hosting the video on Youtube, you need to check a guide that ensures you acquire a few links from the embed code. If hosting video yourself would ensure the embed code is known to users and includes a link back to the past page. The code should be put in an iframe so users could easily locate and copy the embed code.

Make double and triple checks to see if the embed codes function on different platforms before the launch. Should you have had that past feeling a marketer acquires when they realize that the embed code on expensive infographic has not been done for three days, you would have an idea of what we are referring to. A couple of webmasters and bloggers would be more willing to embed a video that they would be to link directly to the page, so ensure you have a link back to the source in place of the embed code.

10) Allow for Enabling of Comments:

Comments would be a recommended way for building up keyword rich, user generated content for a page. Nothing would begin a conversation similar to a good video. They would keep visitors returning to the domain if just to see if anyone would reply to the witty and original comment. This is notably effective should you set up a system wherein users get an email when the comment has been replied to. Even if a user does not participate in the conversation,  the presence of real user interaction on page places stickiness and authority to the page in a similar way, YouTube star ratings and comments to keep a video popular. Users often love when the video creators go into the conversations themselves, so do not hesitate to get into the conversation. You may fear some things, but we think the content creation, user engagement plus stickiness benefits would outweigh the unpleasantries that accompany open forum moderation.

Should a video be controversial, getting unsavory responses, or you would not simply like comments of the video for whatever reason, this may always serve as an option, but we have often located comments to be a great way for people to check in again on a site.

11) Make a Series of Videos:

Should you have a video that does well, allowing for more spinoffs or development, you should not hesitate to create a similar video, and begin a series of videos that would appear in the same vein. Other sites makes divisions of their videos into many chapters. Video series would be a great way to give encouragement to users for continuous exploration of the site for related video content.

12) Place Video Behind an Email or Social Wall:

Should you just be beginning with video marketing, this would not be the ideal time for constructing a loyal following. But if you would be an established site that has thousands of viewers that could not wait for the upcoming installment, you would need to consider asking users for an email address before seeing the content. You could select Part 1 in a series, then ask for an email address for the viewing of Part 2. You can select a Skip This button to stop frustration. This may be an effective for constructing an email list for future marketing wins. You may also employ something similar wherein you would in place ask for a Facebook Like or a Twitter Follow before the allowance of a user to continue. Whether this will or not be an option would be built around the community.Make sure that the marketing wall would not interfere with the ability of Google for page indexing. It must not be a URL redirect or anything of such nature.

13) Place a Video on Old and New Content:

Videos can and should have a reusing within other content for your domain. Should you have an older post that could be supported by the new video, you should enhance that with a link to the new video. In the same manner, in future posts you may refer to you older posts as you would with previous content as with another piece of content. Try not to embed the video for more than a singular page as you would like to ensure the original video page would be viewed by Google as being canonical. Together with duplicate images or text for multiple pages, it would be best to steer clear at all costs.

14) Make a Consideration of Submitting the Video to Myriad Video Services:

Should you be going the YouTube path, then there would be no reason not to make a submission of the video to other video hosting sites that could get the creation for some needed exposure. After the passing of time, if the self hosted video would not be acquiring any traction you may contemplate submitting to YouTube in addition to other outlets stated below.  Do what you have to do to ensure that a link back to the domain would be incorporated in the video on its own, the description and wherever would be possibles options change from site to site.

15) Branch out:

Contemplate on video marketing in the same manner you would on other original content. A lot of the other strategies that you have applied to infographics as well as epic blog posts would be in application here.  Here are place one could consider promoting video content:

a. Blogs that would have an audience who would have an interest in your video

b. Email Lists

c. Social Media Accounts

d. Powerful and on-topic Twitter accounts located through services

e. Learn Marketing to Reddit then post to http://Reddit.com/r/Videos

f. Capture local newspapers, radio stations plus magazines

g. On-Topic Community Forums

h. Spot blogs that post video to the homepage.

i. StumbleUpon

Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy. His expert knowledge on Internet Marketing practices and techniques has earned him the title “Internet Marketing Guru”. He is also an innovator, investor and entrepreneur widely recognized by the top players in the industry.

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Ways to Deliver Social Media Marketing for Real Business Objectives

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It is free reported by Wildfire with the entitled “Why Social Marketing Will Deliver a Positive ROI for Your Brand: 5 Ways to Use Social Media Marketing to Meet Concrete Business Objectives”.

Wildfire team says, “Trying to decide whether social media marketing is worth the investment?” Consider these numbers from recent studies of social media users:

• 78% are directly influenced by branded posts when making purchases

• 74% encourage friends to try new products

• 80% try new things based on friends’ suggestions

Given that Facebook alone has nearly a billion users, the possibilities are too significant to ignore. But how do you tap into the full potential? Our best practices ROI report focuses on 6 social marketing success stories from 5 different industries—each demonstrating a significant positive ROI for the featured brand.

Source: Imnewswatch

Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy. His expert knowledge on Internet Marketing practices and techniques has earned him the title “Internet Marketing Guru”. He is also an innovator, investor and entrepreneur widely recognized by the top players in the industry.

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Effectively Converting SEO Traffic Through ROI

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Once one gets the hand of applying SEO to one’s work, he can effortlessly implement it whenever. But then there is the question of making the incoming traffic profitable in the long run. Today we show you how traffic can spell profits for your web business.

A. Having to Synergize efforts between SEM and SEO for Keyword Research:

Leverage the SEM data to aid in qualifying keywords for efforts in SEO. It no longer is precious to chase keywords that have high search volume as it would become tougher to rank for keywords that the site would not have a close correlation with, you could spend months to go to the first 10 positions just to find out that though the keywords would be generating traffic—they would not be converting.

Here are a couple of steps for driving qualified traffic:

1. Utilize Google keyword tool for the analysis of the segment of keywords you would like to drive traffic to.

2. Cross reference the data with internal SEM conversion and SEO ranking data

3. Last of all, filter keyword data SERP –bottom 7 to begin and then the conversion rate.

Such a segment of the keywords serves as a low hanging fruit—or keywords that would be ranking in the Top 10 for search engines and driving a high conversion rate. You may now have multiple segments—SERP Position: 2nd Page, SERP Position, 3rd Page—and concentrate on SEO efforts on such keyword sets.

We would also make a recommendation using the data for link building purposes. You may add one more layer of information—which is the landing page—to the grid that will aid in analyzing the keywords to build links for using the target URL. Making links with variation in anchor test for a similar landing page would be an effective link building strategy.

B. Take out clutter from the Content Optimization:

With the recent talk of Matt Cutts regarding Google penalizing the sites that are over optimized, it would be time to take out content elements that were just placed here to improve the rankings. AN over optimized site would only have the site penalized, as well as the harming conversion site. Elements that are considered over-optimized include the following:

1) Templatized content for many pages

2) Repeating the same keyword with short variation

3) Excessive utilization of H1 and H2 tags.

4) Keyword anchor text stuffing.

C. Optimizing of the Internal Linking:

Optimizing of internal linking, or internal link reclamation would be a method of analyzing the internal linking architecture, plus carrying out changes that may either improve the rankings for both head and tail.

For example, there are internal links that point to a page from other internal pages on the site. There would be opportunities to add variation to internal links through targeting keywords matching the Title or content of the destination page. Internal link reclamation also gives insight to the overall internal linking structure with basis on the HTTP Status code.

All-in-all, over-optimization is as good as dead. With the hats SEOs have used in wearing, there would be one more addition, which is user experience and conversion optimization hat. But this is one hat that will drive SEO revenue and prove that SEO is one high ROI marketing tactic.

Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy. His expert knowledge on Internet Marketing practices and techniques has earned him the title “Internet Marketing Guru”. He is also an innovator, investor and entrepreneur widely recognized by the top players in the industry.

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Latest Version of MSN Is On the Way

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As anyone who has ever remodeled knows, sometimes you have to shutter your windows before you can re-open. As you can see, we’ve recently done that with MSN Offers. Do not worry, MSN Offers isn’t going away, we’re just working on an updated version of Offers based on feedback from our users. The new site will incorporate everything you loved about MSN Offers and then some, including additional Microsoft and partner assets to help people discover everything their city provides from local grub to fun entertainment and more.

Source: Communitymicrosoftadvertising

Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy. His expert knowledge on Internet Marketing practices and techniques has earned him the title “Internet Marketing Guru”. He is also an innovator, investor and entrepreneur widely recognized by the top players in the industry.

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Some Guidelines for Small Business Owners

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Here are some manageable steps you can create a more pleasant and productivity-enhancing work area.

1. Pick three things to throw away:

Whether they be old cups of coffee or receipts that you no longer need, or post-its that are out of date or pens with no more ink, getting rid of extraneous materials from your workspace is crucial.  Things that you know you do not need, as opposed to things that need to be filed away or kept safe somewhere.  With the removal of these items, you automatically free up more space, which may motivate you to keep going after those initial three things.  Don’t fight it!

2. Weed through one filing drawer:

Filing cabinets have a way of becoming our own personal landfills—it is where all the papers we don’t really know what to do with or don’t need to look at anymore go to sit until…. Forever.  Until now.  Keeping in mind that you need to keep business records for six years, pick ONE drawer to go through (for this exercise), and judiciously go through and get rid of things you know you will no longer need—documents that are no longer current or necessary.  For older files that you know you want to hang onto, get a file box where you can keep them, but in another location.  Boom, you have freed up an entire drawer.  And in all likelihood it didn’t take you that long—do one a week and you will have impeccable files in no time.

3. Clear off your bulletin board:

In all likelihood you have some kind of bulletin board with papers that were relevant when you put them up, or reminders of appointments long-passed.  You may also have photos of vacations, or drawings from your children, or ticket stubs from concerts.  The fact is, you are trying to create a workspace.  Pick the few “fun” items you want to keep as positive reinforcement for why you work so hard, but get rid of everything that is no longer pertinent.  With a clear visual at eye level, you will have a clearer head for tackling what needs to get done—your work.

4. Clean out one desk drawer:

Similar to a filing drawer, a desk drawer can be where useless things come to die.  It becomes a literal catch-all for whatever you want off of your desk and can be a blackhole when you actually need to find something.  Pick a drawer and dump all of the contents on your desk and systematically go through, throwing away whatever you do not need and finding better locations for misplaced items.  Put a plastic organizer bin in the drawer and establish a logical storage system for the drawer.  It should be a place where you can quickly and easily access what you need on a regular basis to do your work and nothing else.  Keep this drawer clean and clutter-free!

5. Keep a clear desktop for a week—no matter what:

Get a cardboard box and put everything on your desk in it and put this box where it is accessible but not in your way.  Work for a week with all of the things in the box, only taking things out as you need them.  Once you have taken something out, find a logical and easy place to make its home on your desk.  At the end of the week, whatever has made its way back out of the box and on to your desk gets to stay.  Everything else should be stored elsewhere to maintain a clutter-free workspace.

Source: Communitymicrosoftadvertising

Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy. His expert knowledge on Internet Marketing practices and techniques has earned him the title “Internet Marketing Guru”. He is also an innovator, investor and entrepreneur widely recognized by the top players in the industry.

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Smartphone Is Now Increasing For Almost Mobile Owners

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There are three of us in my household and two of us own smartphones. My husband is the only one with a feature phone and yesterday he was talking about upgrading. He’s the rare bird that only uses his phone to make calls and text but lately he’s been eying some of the apps I have on my phone and he’s close to making the switch.

According to Nielsen, more American phone owners are making the switch than ever before, with 2 out of 3 choosing a smartphone over a feature phone in the past three months.

Who knew my family was so typical? I never would have guessed.

As of June 2012, smartphones were in the hands of 54.9% of all U.S. mobile phone subscribers. Android is still leading the pack in sales due to their wide variety and lower price points.

It does seem like only a matter of time before the feature phone goes the way of the cassette tape. The only thing holding it back is the cost of data. That’s what’s stopping me from upgrading my husband’s phone, the extra dollars per month.

Knowing this, cell phone companies are moving toward family data packages in the style of family messaging and minutes packs. It’s the only thing that makes sense for a family with multiple phones. Imagine mom, dad, a couple of teens, it’s the only way to go.

And with smartphones already in the hands of so many mobile users, it’s imperative that marketers learn how to navigate this new frontier. Whether you’re building your own apps or simply making your site work on mobile, now is the time to get it done. And once it’s done, make sure you test your content on both the iPhone and an Android phone.

Smartphones haven’t taken over for the home PC yet, but they have changed the way we access the internet, shop both online and off, and navigate throughout our day. Marketers, you simply have to get mobile.

Source: Marketingpilgrim

Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy. His expert knowledge on Internet Marketing practices and techniques has earned him the title “Internet Marketing Guru”. He is also an innovator, investor and entrepreneur widely recognized by the top players in the industry.

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Make Your Facebook Ads Eye-Catchy

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When it comes to the analysis of a Facebook ad, experts are agree with the notice of  people in the below manner;

1. Unconventional Image

2. Arise Query In the Headline

But for average Facebook users, most ads are simply invisible.

In the previous column, we saw how “bad” ads, those with unconventional images or pictures that don’t typically conform to your guidelines, can be very successful. The same holds true for Facebook, especially when users begin to see the same ads over and over again. The ad fatigue kicks in and people become practically blind to them.

1. Use Unrelated Images:

Facebook suggests that “Use an easy, eye-catching image that is related to your body copy and title.” disagree.

Facebook targeting has become increasingly more powerful and sophisticated, making it much easier to target the right audience with the most potential to convert, rather than try to convince the masses. This has given advertisers a bit of leeway in terms of being more flexible and creative with their ads.

Because of seeing ads constantly with company logos or attractive young women who have made lots of money from affiliate marketing.

2. Ask Questions In The Headline:

There’s no better way to attract someone’s attention in an ad than talking to them directly rather than talking about how great your company or product are. That’s what Bryan Eisenberg would refer to as a lot less “we we” and a little more “you you”.

Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy. His expert knowledge on Internet Marketing practices and techniques has earned him the title “Internet Marketing Guru”. He is also an innovator, investor and entrepreneur widely recognized by the top players in the industry.

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SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

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Small business owners who have just started their SEO campaign will locate that there would be no end to the depth and complexity that is included for search engine optimization. A lot of companies attempt to take a do-it-yourself mentality for SEO implementation that would end with them sloppily putting together famous search terms or the stuffing of keywords for contextually irrelevant web sites. A couple of businesses would implement SEO in a poor manner than in a couple of instances, Google could disregard the site as a spam site. The result would be an importantly low ranking which will make the business come up in only the most specific type of term searches.

Beginning or running a startup company would give many challenges for entrepreneurs no matter the type of product or service. The last thing that CEO’s may bother with is the Internet marketing strategies or the Brand management. To add, it is most likely that this would not be the area of expertise nor would they contain the time for implementing the tasks needed to gain valuable exposure needed.

The not properly handled SEO campaigns would be very common nowadays. However, it would not be a fate that would befall all small businesses.

It would be an apt recommendation that a company would turn to a top SEO agency when you approach any search engine optimization project. Once a marketing firm has been picked, the business will be able to make a successful SEO campaign. But it would be significant to keep in mind that there would a lot of key points that should be in mind in the approach of SEO.

a) Guess the audience you intend to cater to:

The initial step for any SEO campaign would be to determine who would be the intended audience for the good or service would be. While it would be easy to just focus on the business being the driving force for the SEO operations, it would always help to be specific in your approach. Through the selection of a particular product as a core keyword of the campaign, you will have the ability to get more traffic than otherwise.

b) Make an expansion of the keyword focus:

Though the focused keyword could not retain 101 uses, you should always try to be forward thinking as you can when you consider the other optional keywords. At times, the search term Google locates could not be similar that you would have typed when you tried to locate it yourself. You always have to do research to locate other ways web sufers could try to locate the product or service.

c) Make a refining of the Website’s Page-to-Page Connectivity:

A well designed website would be one funneling users from page to page in a good manner. Through the interlinking of the site so that the relevant pages are to connect to one another, you  will see that even the less located branches of the website will view more traffic. As a result, you will expect the site to include a better domain authority and as a result a bigger place among the search engine rankings.

d) Keep keywords dynamic:

Even if a notable keyword has made a lot of traffic via the course of the SEO campaign, you should not let that stop you from the cycling of the keyword focus. Search trends will evolve as much as social ones will, so there would not be a guarantee one term would become fruitful. You should be on the lookout for other keywords that are applicable bringing traffic to your site.

e) Make an establishment of the business for Social Media:

Work for social media has gone into an increasingly big way to put out long term website traffic. Nowadays, a lot of SEO agencies would put a lot of effort in the making of a follower base for the client. With the number of individuals following the company would continue increasing, so will potential customers coming in for the business. No matter the size of the organization, you could not have any followers on social media.

f) Head to where the competition is not:

While it would be significant that the company is constructing a significant social presence for a more popular networks, it would be a smart move to locate alternative sites to make the business known. As any person in the SEO community could inform you, there would be a lot of up-and-coming social networks that will have to be capitalized on. In addition to the establishment of yourself on Twitter or Facebook, you should also consider extending social media to Pinterest when it becomes available.

g) Always make Original Content:

Making the company’s web traffic and domain authority higher would just be the initial step in the SEO campaign. While a couple of SEO agencies would focus mainly on getting potential customers to the site, allowing users a chance to stay on the site will be very significant. Original content, including a weekly blog or community activities, will go a long way towards getting an audience and convincing them to continue in the interaction with the site until a sale could be commenced.

h) Make a Consideration of Pay-per-Click as a manner of Making Site Traffic:

While the service PPC companies give would not be as needed as long as the long term solutions for a lot of SEO practices, this would not mean that they won’t be useful. PPC advertisements have been a good way to pick up site traffic volume for more than a decade. Should you feel the monthly anatlytics would not show the numbers you ought to see, you should supplement them with PPC work.

i) Patience Would Be The Factor:

Even when getting the most methodical and well-run SEO or social media drive, one will have to keep manageable expectations. Search engine optimization as well as other SEO practices may lead to dramatically improved site traffic as well as search engine rankings, but these will take time. After the building of momentum plus establishing the company as a notable online presence, the website analytics will go up sharply. But getting there could at times, take a month or more. You should keep this in mind in the campaign’s duration.

j) Always keep in contact with the SEO Firm:

Through the keeping of a close working relationship with the SEO agency, you and the business would be able to have a number of benefits. Apart from including a degree of control over details of a campaign, you will also get a briefing on any setback as well as major developments as they take place. As a result the optimization and social media work will proceed without a hitch, and you can fine tune the campaign as you view fit.

Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy. His expert knowledge on Internet Marketing practices and techniques has earned him the title “Internet Marketing Guru”. He is also an innovator, investor and entrepreneur widely recognized by the top players in the industry.

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