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Guiding Principles From Facebook

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Want to know what can be an advantage of marketing on facebook? Then let’s see what facebook itself have to say about the advantage by doing promotion on social networking. Facebook had given five principles to promote your product and services b using applications, plug-in and with some other tactics.

Five Guiding Principles from Facebook:

1. Develop an effective strategy that is social by design.

2. Create an authentic brand voice.

3. Make thing interactive.

4. Carry good relationships.

5. Keep learning till the end.

These key principles are helpful for one to do online marketing; these principles can also easily be applied to a business’ approach to marketing on other social media platforms as well, including LinkedIn and Twitter.

Facebook’s principles also takes a closer look at steps, marketers can take depending on their particular objectives, whether a business is looking to (1) foster product development and innovation, (2) generate awareness, (3) drive preference and differentiation, (4) increase traffic and sales, (5) build loyalty and deepen relationships, (6) amplify recommendations and word of mouth, or (7) gain insights.

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