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Master The Two Key Parts Of Your Online Presence

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There’s a hierarchy in the world of building a total web presence for your business, and mastering things like Facebook and Pinterest fall somewhere far behind getting your email marketing machine oiled and ready for prime time.One thousand responsive email followers trumps 25,000 Twitter followers every day when it comes to actually promoting the things that make your money.Focus on building a list of email subscribers that want to hear from you, and social media will become a tool set to help you do more of that.While this may sound shocking and hard to hear, you should ditch social media for now and focus on email marketing first.First things first,you need to have a value-filled ebook that motivates people to hand over their email addresses.

Here are some helpful email marketing tips for a basic email capture plan:
*Choose an email service provider (ESP) such as Constant Contact, GetResponse, AWeber, MailChimp, or Infusionsoft.

*Use your ESP’s form-building tools and place a lead capture form on every page of your website.(Don’t ask for more than name and email at this point.)

*Create an email subscription landing page—a page that describes and promotes your ebook and lists all the benefits of why a viewer might give you their email address.

*Create a series of emails, delivered through your ESP’s autoresponder function, that provides additional information on downloading the ebook.

*Consider using a pop-up form, such as Pippity for WordPress (if you have a WordPress blog) that can be programmed to bring focus to your offer in smart ways.

Social Media Marketing

Here are five ways to view your social media activity as a layer of your entire system:

1.Move to email:Email is still the most effective form of marketing and relationship building.It’s a tremendous tool for building the kind of long-term relationship that allows you to convert sales.While many have concluded that the same thing cannot be said for social media relationships, you can and should view your connections in these networks as a way to gain more email relationships.

2.Find your referral champs:By appending your customer data with social media data, either by way of a service, API, or CRM add-on, you can often discover your more active and potentially influential customers and prospects.This information can hide in your standard customer profile because the way people act offline and the way they participate online is often dramatically different.

3.Understand your customers:You need to dig deep and really find out what makes your customers tick on all levels.You might guess where this is headed:What do people on social media love to do? Talk about what they had for lunch and give reviews of movies like they were a critic.So it just might be important after all to really know your customer.

4.Improve your SEO:Great content isn’t great until somebody reads it, shares it, and links to it.It’s almost like the popular kids in high school, but that’s just the reality of inbound marketing today.

5.Build PR muscle:One of my favorite uses of the social media layer is the ability to draw closer to the journalists that cover your industry or community.By targeting key journalists and using the social layer to build a relationship as a resource, you can quickly enhance your overall chances of media coverage.


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