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Social Media Updates & Tips

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Here are some of the latest updates in social media along with those tips and tricks.

Whether you’re building a brand on social media, marketing a business event, or campaigning for a cause, you’re fighting everyone else for space — not just your immediate competitors.In today’s market, social media noise is a serious problem, hindering a company’s reach on the powerful marketing medium.

Whether you’re in pursuit of new customers or trying to win back old customers, you’re almost always operating in a competitive space.This means you can’t rely on the same tired ad copy to break through the noise and resonate with your target market.Facebook is rolling out support for AMP as part of its open source Instant Articles software development kit.The company’s new SDK will have an extension that allows publishers to create content in the Instant Articles, AMP, and Apple News format.Facebook’s SDK will work by building AMP and Apple News pages with the same markup used to build Instant Articles.In addition, it will include the unique customization options offered by each publishing format.

Do you feel like your Instagram strategy could use a refresh? Even if you’re happy with the results you’re seeing from your Instagram campaign, there’s always room for improvement.Instagram marketing ideas to spruce up your feed and create an Instagram marketing strategy that connects,converts, and builds your brand.These tips will help your Instagram feed look better,drive higher engagement, and grow your followers.

Snapchat added the ability to create custom stories limited to specific friends, or to direct contacts and their friends within a geofenced area.These new custom stories otherwise operate just like regular Snapchat Stories but will disappear entirely if no one within the group adds any updates for 24 hours.

Twitter introduced an updated privacy policy that has users worried about how their private information is being tracked, stored, and used.In the policy, the micro-blogging platform announced its plans to discontinue a privacy preference it previously honored, store your cookies for a longer period, and change how Twitter shares your private data.With the update, Twitter users will have access to more inclusive emoji options for gender and skin tones.Fittingly for Twitter, the update also includes some of the sassiest icons that exist: the raised eyebrow, the hand giggling emoji, and — my personalfavorite — the shush emoji.

Some Google and Bing searches show Quora’s answers in the first search position.Quora is always growing and gaining more authority.SEJ writer Will Robins explains why Quora is worth paying attention to, how you can use it to drive traffic to your site, build your authority on topics, and even get some SEO benefits.


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