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Some Social-Marketing Predictions for Year

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As social and mobile are very definition of “shopping” is evolving at a lightning-fast pace.Taking a page from the here’s how a new wave of social and mobile marketing is changing the retail game in 2015:

1.Location-based mobile marketing and personalized media will be the new weapons.
Progressive brick-and-mortar stores will endorse geo-location based mobile beacons as the way to deliver digital and mobile couponing to keep the in-store shopping experience from becoming antiquated. Personalized,location-based offers will be served to consumers via their mobile devices based on what and where they’re shopping.The same goes for online shopping to combat the dreaded “abandoned shopping cart.”Consumers will be re-targeted on social media channels for products they put in their cart to tip-toe them closer to clicking the “Checkout” button.

2.Aligning SEO and social media strategies will rule the online galaxy.
Marketers will finally wake up to the fact that only by linking SEO and social will their digital marketing work.Search strategies set the foundation for bringing your audience to your content.But quality social content that is engaging and entertaining will create the “share factor” needed to help fuel marketers’ search optimization efforts.

3.Marketers will create their own newsrooms to cut through content clutter.
Consumers are currently suffering from content overload.To cut through the “crude matter,” marketers must find new ways to make their voice heard.These digital newsrooms will become the new source for acquiring relevant product and service information, thereby sending dated print product catalogs into obsoletion.


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