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Improve Your Content-Marketing Strategy

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Content marketing has evolved from a buzzword into a major component of marketing strategies for companies of all sizes.Content marketing can produce amazing results when done correctly,and with 2016 right around the corner,it’s the perfect time to make sure your strategy is mapped out.While you plan and adjust,consider these points.

1.Think beyond just a blog
Don’t assume that a blog alone will satisfy your content marketing efforts–infographics,eBooks,vlogs,webinars and podcasts are all examples of different forms of content that you can mix into your strategy.The popularity of vlogging continues to rise as well,and I feel it’s a great way to let your prospects and target market into your world.I’ve got a vlog in development that will be launching mid-year in 2016 that I’m extremely excited about.

2.Don’t be afraid to give out information for free
Content marketing is a great way to position your business–and yourself–as an expert.Don’t be afraid to give your audience valuable information for free.If the reader wants to join our newsletter,there is an option at the bottom of our blog posts,but we never gate content or write advertisements disguised as blog posts.

3.B2C and B2B–can benefit from content marketing
Content marketing can work for everyone–both business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing efforts.While the concept is the same,you need to tailor the approach for each a bit differently.A business-to-consumer customer can be won over with compelling stories that trigger specific emotions,but a business-to-business customer needs to see value and data-backed information in your content.

4.Identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help you gauge the success or failure of your content marketing
Every business is going to have different key performance indicators–it’s important that you identify yours before you start.Some examples of content marketing KPIs include:

*Number of website visits:Total number of visitors you attract to your website via a particular piece of content or a specific campaign.

*Content asset downloads:If you are using multiple pieces of content to push visitors to a download offer,make sure you track the number of downloads that originate form each content referral source.

*Number of social shares:When determining what content is performing best for you,take a look at the number of social shares each receives.Use content that receives a high number of social shares as a benchmark–these are the styles of content and topics that your audience responds well to.

*Bounce rate:A high bounce rate means that your visitors are landing on your content and leaving right away–and not visiting other pages of your website.

*Inbound links earned:Great content is shared and linked to by other websites.

*Time on page:If you publish a large in-depth blog post and your analytic data shows that the average visitor stayed on the page for 15 seconds that tells you they didn’t find it interesting at all.it would be a good idea to make sure you have a very strong offer built into that particular page.

*Cost-per-click (CPC):Let’s assume you spend $2,000 to promote a particular piece of content through multiple channels–SEO,pay-per-click (PPC),social media,email,etc.If you generated 8,800 website visitors your CPC would be just under 23 cents.

*Number of leads generated:It’s important to track leads from every piece of content.For example,you might find out that blog posts that feature infographics generate three times the number of leads that your regular blog posts produce.

*Cost-per-lead (CPL):You need to know exactly how much your leads are costing that you generate through content marketing.

*Conversion rate:Out of all the leads your content marketing is generating,what percentage of them are turning into paying customers?

5.Make sure you diversify your online marketing
Content marketing can produce amazing results,and it’s an incredible way to grow your business,but that doesn’t mean you should put all of your eggs in one basket–you should never do that.


Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy.His expert knowledge on Internet Marketing practices and techniques has earned him the title “Internet Marketing Guru“ He is also an innovator, investor and entrepreneur widely recognized by the top players in the industry.

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You Pursue Both SEO and Social Media Together

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In the hyper-dynamic,“always connected”virtual world that we live in today,for many startups and old-economy companies,the focus is often on social media and other aspects of digital marketing first.I view SEO as part of digital marketing,and not “instead of”.SEO is part of everything,just like content.At the same time,you can’t delineate digital marketing from SEO.

Here are some ways to strengthen SEO and social media together:

*social media and SEO:
Many believe that search engine optimization (SEO) is something they will get to later,or that it can be ignored.This approach is like building a home on a sand dune.As the sands shift,because there is no solid foundation,the structure becomes less stable.The whole process of building your house or promoting your brand online is internet market optimization and includes SEO,pay-per-click (PPC),analytics,design,architecture,social,content.They are all related,and in many cases the lines dividing them are fuzzy.Internet marketing optimization means that you are optimizing all the components synergistically.That isa uniform approach to digital marketing.

*SEO’s strength:
SEO provides the foundation for a website.In the past,companies didn’t invested in restructuring their website,never invested in content,and never invested in earning followers.They just went out and bought them.There’s always the temptation to grab the low-hanging fruit and move as fast as possible.Quite frankly,that is not a long-term,stable business approach.

*Social matters:
Focusing solely on SEO or on social media is like putting all your eggs in one basket.I believe that one has to focus on both SEO and social media.For instance,Bruce Clay Inc is an internet marketing optimization company.When it comes to marketing for ourselves,we concentrate equally on both SEO and social media.We have a social media team and we are also content-centric because that will help people in knowing who we are and build our brand.

*Strong investment:
SEO is an investment.Most businesses investing in SEO don’t think of it like one.They look for easy returns.Generally,the easier you want it,the worse you get it.If SEO was that easy,everybody would be number one!You have to invest time and energy to repair the things deep down in your website that will allow it to rank in the top three out of a million.

*In tandem:
The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.That is true about digital marketing in general.If I am trying to build a brand,I can’t do just SEO.If I am trying to attract a broad audience of varied personas,I can’t just do SEO.I have to be able to reach consumers and a lot of them consume different media.


Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy.His expert knowledge on Internet Marketing practices and techniques has earned him the title “Internet Marketing Guru“ He is also an innovator, investor and entrepreneur widely recognized by the top players in the industry.

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Use SEO or PPC Marketing

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There are two main ways a local business can reach prospects on Google,and it’s important to understand what they are and the difference between them.The two strategies are search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.

*Local SEO is concerned with getting your website ranked highly in the map and organic search listings on Google for keywords related to your business.You cannot pay for placement in the organic results.

*Google has an algorithm that determines where each page on your site ranks for various keywords and,with local SEO,you’re essentially trying to game the algorithm to get your site ranked higher than your competitors’sites for the best keywords related to your busi­ness.

*PPC is paid advertising on Google. PPC ads are displayed above the organic search results as well as down the right side of the search results.

The main thing to understand is how prominently PPC ads are displayed at the top of a Google search results page.Usually the top three results for a local search are ads.(This is one thing that will very likely not change about how the search engine results page looks because Google makes most of its money from these ads.) If you were to look at the “above the fold” results (the “above the fold” results are those you see when you first land on the page before you scroll down) of any Google search,you’d notice that the majority of the pixels are taken up by paid ads.With PPC,you can launch a campaign and,almost immediately,your ads will start appearing on page one of Google.SEO,by comparison,is a long-term investment.You have to wait at least three to six months to typically start seeing any type of results,and in a competitive market,it could take over a year.If you’re planning to be in business for the long term,are patient,and hire a good SEO firm,then SEO may be a very good long-term investment and generate a good ROI over time.SEO is a constant cat-and-mouse game between Google and those who do SEO for a living.It’s getting harder and harder to get results,and we know a number of SEO firms that are starting to offer other services like web design or social media marketing,while others are deciding to fold up shop rather than continue to play games with Google.

You may be getting three to four solicitations a day from SEO firms telling you how poorly your website is ranking,how your horrible website isn’t getting you as many leads as it could be,and how they have the magic solution to get you to the top of page one on Google (we get their emails,too!).Another advantage of PPC is that it will give you clear,measurable results.You’ll know exactly how much you spent on clicks and how many leads and how much revenue you generated in return.You can’t get clear,measurable results like that with SEO.Google doesn’t share a lot of SEO data with website owners,which makes it very difficult,if not impossible,to accurately measure how many leads you are getting from organic traffic.In fact,one thing to watch out for is that a lot of the organic/SEO traffic you get to your site may be from branded traffic (i.e.,people searching specifically for your company name).

PPC will be a top source of leads for a long time

PPC is never going away.Google is a publicly traded company with a responsibility to their shareholders to increase profits,and they’re constantly rolling out new things that get more people to click on ads.Recently they rolled out new improvements,such as callout extensions,that make their ads take up more space on the page.From our experience,the fastest,most reliable,and most profitable way to generate an ROI on Google comes from running PPC ads.You just have to make sure you’re approaching PPC the right wayfor your local business.


Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy.His expert knowledge on Internet Marketing practices and techniques has earned him the title “Internet Marketing Guru“ He is also an innovator, investor and entrepreneur widely recognized by the top players in the industry.

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Your Competitor’s Web Traffic Steal

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Here are some ways Competitor’s Web Traffic Steal:

1.Target their keywords
SEMRush will show you the keywords,the estimated number of searches for these keywords and the page that gets the traffic.This is really valuable information when you want to take some of that traffic for yourself.Pick out the most relevant keywords and create content that targets the keywords that have a reasonable amount of traffic.Make sure you create better content than your competitor,focusing on high quality and providing great value to your readers.Always promote that content aggressively.

2.Increase your domain authority
This is based on a variety of factors that are important to Google for ranking content.The Domain Authority score ranges from zero to 100 and the higher the authority,the easier it is to get targeted traffic.You should aim for as high a Domain Authority score as possible,so start to take action to increase it.The first part of increasing your Domain Authority is to know what your score is,and what your competitor’s is,too.

3.Take some of the high-quality links from your competitor
Google ranks content,getting high-quality links from other websites is still extremely important for search engine rankings.SEO tool find companies that are linking to content on your competitor’s site and,if you have higher quality content,then reach out to these sites and request that they link to you instead.If you don’t currently have higher quality content,then create it.

4.Become more influential
When you create higher quality content it’s much easier to get attention to this content.But if you are influential within your industry you are more likely to get your content noticed even without promotion.You also need to build relationships with key influencers within your industry.Influence leads to traffic diverting from your competitor to you.

5.Use paid promotion tactics
As organic reach drops on social media sites like Facebook,using paid ads is becoming more important to reach your existing fans and potential new fans.On Facebook,you can target your ads based on lots of demographic characteristics,including age,location,and interests.If your competitor is large enough it may be listed as an interest,so you can target people based on this,to reach people in your niche who haven’t heard about you yet.


Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy.His expert knowledge on Internet Marketing practices and techniques has earned him the title “Internet Marketing Guru“ He is also an innovator, investor and entrepreneur widely recognized by the top players in the industry.

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SEO Meaning Is Now ‘Search Experience Optimization’

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‘Search Experience Optimization’instead the search engines have started to write logic that,to their best estimation,is what a user experience should be on a website.Some of the criteria they are now measuring are site speed,mobile optimization,site structure,content,and dozens of other signals that should give the algorithm an idea of whether or not search engine users are getting what they expect from a website. Basically what I,and dozens of other SEO industry experts, have been writing about for years has now come to fruition.We’ve exited the era of search engine optimization (SEO),and have now entered the new age of search experience optimization (also… SEO).Specifically,you need to think about your website visitors at every stage of your web design and marketing process.And this can be done easily with a series of question and answer audits you can ask yourself as you’re creating your marketing campaign.For instance,if you’re designing a web page and you’re wondering how to make it appear in the Google search results,you should start by asking what your customers are typing into the search engine.This sounds rudimentary,but think it through for a moment.

Embrace mobile
you may be shocked to hear that most people use smart phones and that smart phone searches now account for a more search volume than desktop searches.However,if you’ve been living in the world with the rest of us,this isn’t too surprising.So,if everyone is using mobile shouldn’t you likewise be optimizing your site for mobile traffic?Last year,Google made waves in the SEO community by releasing a major algorithm update that specifically improved the search engine visibility of mobile optimized sites over their less optimized competitors.we needed to start prioritizing the needs of mobile internet users.You see,mobile users don’t have the same bandwidth as desktop users.They have data limits and often the speed of their internet is much lower than a desktop computer.So,if they’re trying to interact with a page that has a lot of data and animations to load,it’s going to take forever for them to actually see something on their mobile device.So,instead of building a website that is dramatic from a visual standpoint,but requires the equivalent effort of a million hamsters running on wheels to power up a switchboard to manage all of the data and bytes your site is throwing at the visitor,you should probably go with a more “minimalist” approach.

Pay Attention To Your User Experience Metrics
Once you’ve optimized your website content and the mobile experience,the next steps are heavily data driven.You should now begin understanding what is happening when visitors are coming to your site and how they are interacting with it.To do this,you can utilize robust tools like the one Mitul’s group offers,or for those that don’t have the budget,you can analyze your Google Analytics data,which is free to use.What you’ll want to look for are signals that tell you if you’re providing a positive user experience past mobile speed and onsite content.To do this,look at metrics like time on site,bounce rate,pages per visit,return visitor rates,and conversions.This data will give you insights as to whether your visitors are enjoying themselves once they are browsing your site.Once you identify problem pages or sections,work on optimizing those through A/B testing.

Don’t Forget Social Media
Finally,you’ll want to ensure that you are not just giving lip service to the idea of social media.
Regardless of how dry and boring your industry is,you need to be engaging on social media.On social media.So,it’s only logical that if you’re trying to measure whether a site is providing a great user experience,that there would also be a social footprint signaling this.So,make sure that you’re sending links back to pages on your site when you are posting on social media.And don’t just link back to your homepage,but link to product pages,your company information page,and your location pages.These are all places that should be getting signals from the social networks.So,if you’ve been wondering how to get your website to rank well in the search engines and have been wondering what the secret sauce is,you can forget about some mystical equation that perfectly balances links,keyword density,and unicorn dust.It doesn’t exist.And that’s a good thing.Because search experience optimization is a much more common sense endeavor and anyone can figure it out with a little bit of time and effort.


Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy.His expert knowledge on Internet Marketing practices and techniques has earned him the title “Internet Marketing Guru“ He is also an innovator, investor and entrepreneur widely recognized by the top players in the industry.

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Some Tips for Effective Networking

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Networking is inevitable in any business.As marketing is a very huge and dynamic industry,there will always be collaborations,and partnerships between brands,and engagement with customers,thus the need for networking.

Networking Opens Opportunities
Venturing out of your comfort zone enables you to explore more opportunities.Partnership with other like-minded companies or individuals who share the same vision and business goals are good results of networking.Not only that,it will open doors for collaborations,sales leads,joint ventures,speaking gigs, or writing opportunities you would have access to.

Networking Gains Your Confidence
Breaking the ice and striking up a conversation with people you don’t know tests your limits.You have to come up with creative ways to start a conversation and sustaining and probing your prospects well enough to know what types of business and tools they are looking for.In doing so,you boost your confidence level,which makes your next networking attempt even easier.

Networking is a Learning Process
More often than not,networking sessions happen during conferences and industry events.These are great opportunities to update yourself not only from the conference presentations but also from industry people who practice their profession.You can learn their best practices and find out how they were able to overcome challenges,which might be relevant to where you are in the business cycle.You can always learn something new in networking.

Best Representative of Your Company
First and foremost,know that networking is often a face-to-face interaction and it may be the first impression people have of our brand.You should always keep your company’s best interest in mind.After all,we personify our companies.We are the human representations of what it does and what it offers.

Right Mindset
it is,the people you speak with will be able to tell.If your main goal is to make a sale,it is notconducive to building a real relationship. You will come across as spammy and insincere.Show genuine interest in your potential business partner–pay attention to what they say,what they need,and what they do best.If you have a hard time coming up with a conversation starter,ask them about their company,and what their role is.Most people like to talk about themselves.So,ask open-ended questions to start conversations.More importantly,listen to what they say.

Build Relationships
Go into a conversation with the goal of establishing a long-term partnership,and not just making a quick sale.Lasting relationships are mutually beneficial partnerships.Some successful networkers even go as far as doing research work before networking.

If you meet someone who has business needs your company can solve,follow-up immediately.Don’t wait to send feelers four weeks after.They might not remember you at all.Best to send an email immediately upon return to office the next day.Just remember to be personable and focus on how you can help,not what you have to sell.

Tools for Business Networking these are:

*Business Cards
Business cards will be your main weapon in increasing your business network.When you attend a conference with thousands of attendees,be sure to bring at least two packs of your business cards to give away.This is a valuable tool for your networking success.When receiving a card,do not just simply put it in your pocket.Take a moment to read what is written on the card.Not only will it enable you to ask smart and valuable questions,but it also shows respect to your potential lead.One other tool you can take advantage of is Camcard.It is a business card app that allows you to scan,manage,sync and exchange business cards all in one place.You can quickly enter business cards,or exchange business cards digitally.One good thing about this tool is you can access your business contacts anywhere.

*LinkedIn Profile
Create a LinkedIn profile if you still do not have one.If you have an existing LinkedIn profile already,make sure it is updated with your newest job title,most recent published works,and newest collaborations.LinkedIn is the ultimate social media channel for business professionals,so if you want to be taken seriously,make sure that you have one.

*Use Twitter
Whenever you are at a business conference,intensify your social media postings on Twitter.Most conferences have a customized hashtag,and attendees use this to post relevant takeaways.Take advantage of this channel to join virtual conversations.This might score you an invite to an awesome after conference party.

Final Thoughts
There are many ways to strategically represent yourself,and your company,but these basic tips and tools will help you gain business contacts,and hopefully close deals.


Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy.His expert knowledge on Internet Marketing practices and techniques has earned him the title “Internet Marketing Guru“ He is also an innovator, investor and entrepreneur widely recognized by the top players in the industry.

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Modify Your Website More Visible In Search Engines

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It’s no wonder that so many companies are scrambling to get involved in search engine optimization SEO, a strategy that helps businesses rise to the top of search rankings for queries related to their business,products or services.To the outside observer,SEO often seems complex,intimidating and bogged down with technical logistics.But it doesn’t have to be.

Here are easy ways to modify your site more visible to search engines:

1.Optimize every page of your site with rich content
This is by far the most complicated item on this list,but it’s fundamental.Without it,you’ll be hard-pressed to get visibility in search engines at all.All of your pages,especially your main lineup (home, contact,etc.),need to include concisely written,descriptive content.Ideally,this content will be optimized for specific target keywords and phrases (as long as the text doesn’t seen unnatural).

2.Unique title tags and meta descriptions for every page
Title tags serve as the headlines of your pages in search engine results pages (SERPs),while meta descriptions serve as the descriptive text.Not only do these constructs inform Google about the content and purpose of each of your pages,they also dictate how your pages appear in search results.In this way,they serve a dual purpose:They rank your pages higher and increase click-through rates from users on search engine results pages.

3.Weed out 404 errors
404 errors are annoying for users and may interfere with the number of pages Google can index.By themselves,they’re unlikely to hurt your rankings,but it’s still usually worth setting up a 301 redirect or restoring the page if you notice a 404 error where there shouldn’t be one.Designed to automatically make 404 pages fun and useful,or automatically 301-redirect them to another page,such as your home page.

4.Make your content easily shareable
This is a simple change,and if you haven’t done it already,you’ve probably missed out on some significant opportunities.On your blog page,feature social share icons so your users can actively and easily share your content socially.Social shares don’t contribute to rankings directly,but can make your pieces more visible,making it easier for them to earn more inbound links.

5.Optimize your images
It doesn’t take much to get your images into optimal shape for search engines;all you have to do is title your images accurately;write an accurate,keyword-rich description;and include alt tags and a caption to categorize and describe the image’s role on your page.If optimization is done correctly,your image will be indexed and searchable in Google Image Search–an indirect,but valuable route for online searchers to get to your site.

6.Include structured markup
These are rich snippets,and if you want to get featured like this,you’ll need to include structured markup for various types of content on your site.I don’t have the space to get into the technical requirements,but the industry standard and it’s got some great guides on the subject.


Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy.His expert knowledge on Internet Marketing practices and techniques has earned him the title “Internet Marketing Guru“ He is also an innovator, investor and entrepreneur widely recognized by the top players in the industry.

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